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  • Can I attend multiple events?
    Of course! Every dinner and event is unique. We regularly try out new restaurants and the women you’ll meet will change, too.
  • How can I contact clicqui?
    For general inquiries, please email us at For any questions related to your dinner, please email
  • Who can join clicqui’s social events?
    We are proud to be a safe space for all women. Whether you have just moved to the city, miss your girls nights from home, want to expand your circle or friends or just want to try a new restaurant with a bunch of amazing women - clicqui is the right place for you! On average women are 25-35 and come from all walks of life.
  • Is it okay to join by myself?
    Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you to take the leap and come alone as experience has shown that it allows for more genuine connections. We understand that it can feel awkward at first but keep in mind that everyone is there for a reason and you can always chat with our host.
  • How can I stay connected to the women I met during a clicqui social?
    After attending a clicqui social, you will receive an e-mail that we send out post-event, which includes everyone’s Instagram handles. This allows you to continue the conversations and friendships you started at the event!
  • If I have food allergies or dietary restrictions, can I still participate?
    Yes :)! We are always trying to accommodate any dietary restrictions as best as possible! You will be asked when signing up whether you have any restrictions and you can always let the host know as well.
  • What are the differences between themed brunches, brunches and dinners?
    We love to bring you together in different formats as we know we all have differing schedules and for some girls week night dinners work best and for other weekend brunches are preferred. The concept remains the same, we come together, share a bunch of small plates and drinks and split the bill at the end. For our themed brunches we invite experts on specific topics that are relevant to our community, e.g. fertility, loneliness or sexual health.
  • When will the details about the restaurants be sent out?
    You'll get the full scoop on the restaurants the day before the event, but you can peek at the general area in the event description anytime!
  • How long do the dinners typically go on for?
    That’s up to the group! More often than not we’ve found ourselves being ushered out as the restaurant was closing. On average our food events last around 3-4 hours. If you need to leave earlier just let the host know.
  • How many women typically come to each dinner?
    For our regular dinners and brunches, we offer 10-12 spots. For parties, themed brunches, or special events, we typically have a few more spots available.
  • Is it possible to join if I don't consume alcohol?
    Of course! Just let the host kindly know that you do not drink alcohol and we will organise alternative non-alcoholic drinks for you.
  • What is covered by the ticket fee?
    The ticket fee includes the clicqui ticket fee. Be sure to check the event description for all the details on costs, as they can vary depending on the event type.
  • Can I reschedule my dinner to a different date if I am unable to attend?
    Unfortunately, no. Due to the limited number of spots available at our dinners, we are unable to reschedule dinners to maintain fairness for everyone.
  • What are the costs involved?
    Dinners & Brunches: Our food events (dinners and brunches) generally cost a 15€ ticket fee. At the event we order food to share for everyone and split the cost at the end. Estimates on additional amounts to be spent can be found in the event description. Wine Nights (Berlin exclusive) Our wine nights generally cost a 15€ ticket fee. At the evening we will serve you 4 x different glasses of wine, food (cheeses, nuts & smaller nibbles) as well as water. 25€ will be needed to paid at night & include everything consumed.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    Unfortunately, we have a no cancellations policy. That means, that tickets can't be refunded. However, we ask you to please cancel through the ticket link if your plans change. This helps us keep the hosts and restaurant in the loop. We understand that this might be frustrating but we currently do not have the logistic capacity to accommodate for cancellations.
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