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Our dinners

Time to meet your new girl’s clicque

Are you ready to make some new friends and have an amazing time? Our dinner parties are here to make that happen! We bring together a group of amazing women for an evening of connection, laughter, and good vibes.

...because girls want more dinner parties°

  • July 16, 2024 - Apéro ✨ - PARIS
    July 16, 2024 - Apéro ✨ - PARIS
    Tue, 16 Jul
    16 Jul 2024, 19:30 – 23:30
    What's the best way to wrap up a long day? Wine, the girls, and some amazing food. 🍷 We're heading to a cozy wine bar, indulging in delicious snacks, and just having a blast!
  • July 16,  2024  - Dinner Club ⭐️
    July 16,  2024  - Dinner Club ⭐️
    Tue, 16 Jul
    16 Jul 2024, 19:30
    Our girls' nights are pure magic. We laugh, we bond, and we create lasting memories. We need more of these wonderful moments in our lives. Who's ready for another amazing night together? 🌟
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