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girls need more dinner parties!

clicqui goes Zurich

Feeling a bit lost in a city like Zurich or just looking to expand your circle of girlfriends?

We totally get it. That’s why we started clicqui! Think cozy dinner parties at the cutest spots in town, fun wine nights with potential new besties, and energising workout sessions.

Every event is a perfect chance to meet and bond with amazing women.
Ready to join us for a girls' dinner date?

Want to join our very first dinner editions?

How it works?

At clicqui we host cute, little socials for girls and we do this by going for dinners, wine nights, and much more.

Here’s how you can join :)

  1. Make sure to get yourself on the waiting list below.

  2. Bookings open by beginning of July

  3. Get welcomed by one of our lovely hosts
    (pretty much like meeting up with a friend).

  4. Enjoy some delicious food and get to know some amazing women.

  5. Connect, connect, connect.


Are your ready?

from clicqui with love!

Excited to know when the first dinners will be happening?

join our waiting list.

I would be interested in joining...

Thank you! More details are coming soon

Want to also learn more about clicqui & the experience?

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